Associazione Mornese

Project carried out by Ex-Students of the “Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice” Institut

The Confederation has taken root, it increasingly becomes a mighty tree, almost an oak tree that is able to provide shelter and comfort to many: to “ASSOCIAZIONE MORNESE” (ALL AND NOT ONE LESS).

Its roots penetrate the soil, the reality, wherever a concrete response must be given to the urgent needs of humanity that has the face of helpless and hungry girls and boys, of people deprived of the rights to survival, of women exploited or not yet integrated and enhanced.

The different color of the leaves that fall from oak tree to reach the ground represents the colorful richness of our association, which sees no walls of language, race or religion. All united in the Salesian-Mornese inheritance, we want to meet our brothers’ needs to give back to “all and not one less” what they were deprived of by the dull, relentless race to the unrestrained profit pursued by a small part of humanity that forces the most part of its members to a life below the poverty line.

Semestral Magazine

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Distance Support Project

Distance support means to bear the cost of allowing a child to continue living
with his family, if he still has one, and offering him the opportunity to grow, study, learn a trade..

Adopt a Project

A recurrence, a thought,
in memory of a person o
of an important occasion ...

... you can choose to adopt
an entire project, a small one
great gesture of true value.

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Associazione Mornese