Closed Projects


150 – Alisolidali Onlus, Padova, Italia


151- Associazione Leonati, Padova, Italia


119 – Repubblica Democratica del Laos, Thakhek II


133 – Etiopia, Gubrye


145 – Paraguay, Masoky (Puerto Casado)


147 – Italia, Tor Bella Monaca (Roma)


146 – America, Santo Domingo


141 – Gabon, Libreville


115 – India, Guwahati


140 – Africa, Benin


Messico – Morelia


136 – Portorico




142 – Congo, Klinshasa


Bolivia – Okinawa



Scutari I


Tirana II


“Education to overcome poverty”

Bolivia, La Paz

“Modern education with new technology!”

Bolivia, Cochabamba

“Educational holidays for poor children”

Bolivia, Santa Cruz

“A bridge to life”

Brasil, Cuiabá

“Promotion of the indigenous Xavantes woman”

Amazon (Maiá)

“Cross the forest to bring hope” I

Colombia, Bogotá

“New technologies for modern education”

Colombia, Medellin

“Becoming hairdresser to give hope to the family”

Etiopia, Addis Abeba

“We need a well”


Pour Principe Emergency Haiti I, II, III

Gabon, Port Gentil

“To educate by educating”

Georgia (Tblisi)

“Now more than ever” I


“Emergency Georgia”

India, Ashalaya

“Dignity and hope to street children”

India, Kune

“Each needle-stitch”

Lituania, Kaunas

“A very warm coat”

Mozambico, Namaacha

“We need a well”

Mozambico, Infulene Maputo

“Professional development”

Mozambico, Inharrim Maputo

“To give hope to girls afflicted with AIDS”

Nicaragua, Masapete

“Main micro-business and professional centre”

Paraguay, Chaco paraguayo

“A roof for an indigenous school”

Paraguay, Asunción

Promotion of young Latin Americans I

Repubblica Ceca

“The back yard, place of education and sharing”

Rwanda, Kigali

“Hope in the hills” I

Rwanda, Kigli

“Hope in the hills” II


“The tree of life”

Rwanda, Giseniy

“To have a home”

Sudan, Waramel and Laithok

“Wells for life”

Sudan, Darfur

“A new Pinardi shelter in Africa and lot of water”

Sudan, Ed Daein

“Mobile clinic for poor people”

Italia, l’Aquila

“L’Aquila project”

Italia, Napoli

“In the shade of Vesuvius. The Don Bosco urchins”

Italia, Sicilia

“Summer 2011 for girls”

Italia, Torino

“Aperta mente cittadine”

Thailandia, Sampran

“To weave a dream”

Timor Est, Dili

“Appeal from Timor Est”

Ucraina, Lviv

Now more than ever II

Venezuela, Barrio las Batallas

“Light up your world”

Vietnam, Nghi Phong

“Seeds which germinate rice for life”

Vietnam, Kim Son Ninh Binh

“Dawn of hope – A piggy for each family”

Amazon III – Lauareté

“Cross the forest to bring hope” III

Amazon II – Taracuá

“ Cross the forest to bring hope”

Colombia – Guachené

“Adopt a class”

Bolivia – Fiorella Project

“Fiorella, in the blue of your eyes, the smile of Bolivia”

India Project, Navajeevana – “A bed to dream”

“A bed to dream”

Jerusalem Project

Adopt a class (Children of one God)

Kenya III Project, Nairobi – “The value of reading”

“The value of reading”

Kenya I Project, Makuyu

“Bridge of hope for a fair world” I

Kenya II Project, Makuyu

“Bridge of hope for a fair world” II

San Salvador Project

“Have a roof over the head”

Georgia – Achalkalaskij

“Warmth for a hot hot winter”

Georgia – Tbilisi

“Maestro, let me be great”

Nicaragua – Granada

“A classroom to build the future”

Czech Republic II

“Education during free time”

Burundi Project, Ngozi and Rukago

“Working one year for the children of the hills”

Argentina – Buenos Aires

Advanced Education “Connect to cut the digital distance”

Albania – Tale-Breg I

“Educating a youn man means educating people”

Emilia Romagna

“Emergency Emilia Romagna”

Gabon – Oyem

“Brick by brick coming up our school”

Kenya – Embu

“School bus to give a future”

Brazil – Sao Paulo

“Promotion of families for the construction of a more human society”

Cuba – Havana

“The needle does the difference”

Colombia – Bogotà

“Aguas Claras – advancement of women”

Israel – Jerusalem

“Help me to arrange my folder …the school began”

Israel – Jerusalem

“Send me to school to kindle hope”

Italy – Emilia

“Do not let alone the emilia’s boys”

Haiti – Port au Prince

“A meal to grow up”

Haiti – Hince

“The earthquake destroyed but the school must continue”

Zambia – Lusaka

“A school desk = education = future”

Nicaragua – Estelì

“Heart and home to warm the heart”

Honduras – San Pedro Sula

“Live under a good roof”

Colombia – Guachené

“Adopts a class”

Kenya – Mapimo

“Fiorella’s farm”

Italy – Alassio

“Family, search your well-being”

Burundi – Bujumbura

“Woe betide me if i do not announce the gospel, the good news to write the future”

Perù – Lima

“Sometimes the future of a nation depends on the education of a young woman”

Italia – Moncrivello

“Section spring in memory of Fiorella”

Kenya – Nairobi

“120 volumes to grow”

Sri Lanka – Negombo

“Boscopura… i will make you fishers of men”

Madagascar – Fianarantsoa


Mexico – Gutierrez Zamora

“Warm shelter that welcomes”

Congo – Pointe Noire



“Emergency typhoon haiyan”

Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City

“A year of serenity to plan for the future”

Ghana – Ashaiman-Tema

“Read means to grow for a better future”

Guatemala – Coatepeque

Two letters that make difference: PC

Ucraina – Casa Don Bosco

“After Expo, it founded an educational center”

Gabon – Libreville

“Add a place in class”

India – Kokrajhar

“You will not be more orphans”

Zambia – Mazabuka

“Feed with joy”

Italia – Bari

“Give a smile 2”

Democratic Republic of Laos – Thakhek

“Cycling towards education”

Smarhoni – Biellorussia

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